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What can we do for you?

Keeping you safe and within the law.

An initial (no cost) meeting to establish your needs. Giving you Information, advice and guidance, then you decide.

Your responsibilities under the Health and safety at Work etc. Act 1974 means that you have a legal duty to keep your employees, contractors and the public safe.

Below is a brief guide on employer duties:


Why commit to a health and safety advisor?

Having the knowledge and experience to implement a health and safety management system, based solely upon your business.

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 applies to all business in the UK, there are however regulations that are unique to each business sector and these specifically I can guide you through.

Service can see potential occurances, that internal health and safety staff have become complacent to.

When undertaking an inspection it can complete without bias and without the need for internal staff feeling incomfortable. 


What is better than an accident? Well, the simple answer is, no accident. How can you achieve this?

"Think health and safety is expensive, try the cost of an accident"

Watson HSC Ltd can conduct pro-active inspections. An unannounced inspection is a valuable starting point. Working with you to understand your business, visiting your site and gaining a valuable snap shot, producing an in-depth report on findings, identifying breaches and implementing a series of compliance actions to bring your company back in line with legal requirements.

Completing an inspection now, may prevent a catastrophic event that could affect your employees and potentially ruin your business for years to come.

Trouble shooting.

Like an inspection but looking at an area of your business that is causing difficulties.

Working close with you to establish the main root cause and implementing corrective actions.

Policy and Procedure writing and updates.

Write and implement policy and procedure in line with current regulations. To ensure that they are effective, then produce and conduct training events. Communication is key to a successful health and safety culture.

Contractor Health and Safety (CHAS)

Are you a contractor wanting to be ahead of the game? Then Chas might just be the way forward. Being on a pre-approved list with over 1000 clients will help keep business flowing. Call for more details.

Care Homes

We currently work with clients in the care home sector. Our knowledge in this area can provide you with a bespoke health and safety management system and coupled with regular inspections, we help keep your provison safe and assist with CQC compliance.


A no nonsense approach, with the least  jargon free language possible.

Straight talking and down to business, just how you like it. Our approach ensures that you get the answers you need to hear, not what others would want you to hear.

  • Jargon Free
  • Friendly
  • Open
  • Committed
  • Value
  • Common Sense approach



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